Friday, May 09, 2008

A Man Rides Alone Down The RailRoad Tracks

I took the long way home on the ZR last night. The bike had been out in CA to be photographed for Bike Mag, and they had it for a couple of months. It came back a couple of days ago, I did some work on it at the office, and last night I set out for home on it. It is a 12 mile ride if you stick to the road, and with those huge 2.3 inch 650b wheels, it was fairly slow going. Near the East Towne mall, I turned off Zier Road, and hopped on some two track that leads along a new condo development, and a creek. The two track takes you past a burned out mini van, and up to a rail line that I know runs all the way out to Sun Prairie, about 6 miles away. I stopped to listen to the creek a bit, and decided to just ride the rail all the way back.
I haven’t been able to get out mountain biking yet this spring, so this was a nice chance to shake down the bike a bit, not the most fun I’ve ever had on a bike, but WAY better than riding through the mall…
Found some shot gun shells, 12 gauge shells are just about the right size for some bar plugs…
Cut through the town of Burke, over some swamps, and man those Pacenti Neo Motos handle just about anything you can throw at them, with ease I may add. From the deep powdered sugar sand of the Ore 2 Shore to super loose rocks along the rails, if you can stay light on the bars, and keep the hammer down you can get across anything it seems.
When I did get home, I was starving and wolfed down the left-overs in the fridge, and the second half of the Duvel’s that Dave S. had given me for taking care of his Powertap w/ Zipp. Tastey.
We’re riding over to the East Side Trek Store after work for some snacks and beers, meet Gary Fisher and then over to the East Gate cinemas to watch Klunkerz.



klunkerbill said...

Mmmm...Duvel...that's a good one. I hope you enjoy the film.
Ride on,

Anonymous said...

longtime listener. first time caller. sorry it took so long to get that ZR back to you. hope all is well dpow.mmm