Friday, May 16, 2008

Testing Continues

We bought a bike for my father in law a few weeks ago, a mint Bridgestone MB-5 I think it was. Anywho, it came with these arcing city bars that I figured he wouldn't like, so I swapped them for some flat bars and threw these in the bar bin. I put them on my commuter last week and I've been trying them out this week. You end up being pretty upright on them, which I'm still unsure about, but I like how they feel in my hands. Great for shorter rides, but the jury is still out on the positioning for longer rides. I've gotten a few 12 mile rides on them this week, and I may need a longer stem still....Bike To Work week fiesta in a few hours, that will be good. Also, folks in town this weekend, and Wheels on Willy Crit on Sunday. It will be a busy next few days...

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