Monday, November 26, 2007

Road Trippin'

This is a custom bag from RELoad, just look at the detail!

Just got back from a 2000 mile plus trip around the east coast, down to Raleigh NC, to Philly and back to Wisco in a week. Saw a bunch of family and freinds, and packed a bunch of great stuff into just a short period of time. We had the great pleasure while in Philly to not only eat some cheese steaks at Delassandros, but also to stop by RELoad Bags again. There are tons of bags out there these days, but I don't know why you'd buy anything else...Cool store, nice folks. Parked right out front was a really bitchin' Bilenky cargo bike too. Stayed for a couple of days near Manayuk, PA, so of course we stopped by Cadence to checked it out and I got my Rouleur fix on.
And got to ride some singletrack in the Wissahickon. Highly recommended. Thanks Lil C.

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The Technohippybiker said...

Is that your bag now? Did you buy one from them? Sounds like a great trip.