Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tacos, Tequila & Toe Spikes

This is a Photo James Lalonde took last year at Sun Prairie of Erik Jellum and Marko Lalonde racing through the beer pavillion at the Angell Park Speedway 'cross race. This year, I'd like to see 10 times as many folks packed in there cheering. Although this year isn't the State Championship, it will still be a great race.
I know for myself, last year's race set the standard by which all other 'cross races are measured. If you aren't doing anything this Sunday, Nov. 18th in the afternoon, come out and watch. Hell, grab a bike and jump in the fray!
And afterwards, we'll roll the five blocks back to Casa Powell where the beer and Tequila are on ice, the fire is warm and the laughter will be loud!


lyle said...

I can't wait!

djonnymac said...

It's like christmas, new year's, mardi gras,halloween and yer birthday all rolled into one!