Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ghostride, a Marquette Tradition

Back in the day, some buddies started keeping track of the holidays in Marquette, Michigan by riding the Holiday Crit Series. Kind of like alleycats, but with less posing, and no messengers, or prizes...they were bike rides at the bro level, and damn were they fun. There is still a core group doing them, in this the 7th year since that first race. Below is a ride report from Jeremy Pickens detailing last night's ride:

dude, the ride last night set a new precedent. Starting in the fit strip about 45 minutes late(typical), about 35 proceeded to high school for some beers. From there, to the wright st. cemetary for some more beers and bottle rockets. after which, the group splintered at tourist park with some proceeding to the next stop--the dead river bridge--while others went to the Wright Place to refuel. Well wouldn't you know it, as my group rolled up the to the dead river bridge (underneath as if you were going to ride the nct) there was ligh, not artificial, but fire light. with the thought that some group had poached our intended destination, it was revealed that no, another group had not poached our spot. rather, the fire was contained in dozens of carved pumpkins there to greet us. more impressive, however, was the fully stocked 12 foot bar with stools that Speck and Stella had brought out there while we were en route. seriously dude, an entire homemade wooden bar, stocked, with accompanying stools. amazing! I'll send you some pics when i get them downloaded. Goetch was in rare form, setting of fireworks like it was his job. from there, a game of foot down behind the dome let to an after party at Larsen's that capped the evening. Nevin resurrected and rode the pbr cruiser, and no cops to speak of. all in all, a good ride. poured a little out for you.

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