Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Road

Just outside of Boston right now. Spent the whole day in and around the city visiting shops. Saw some really good stuff at several shops, but the coolest place I was in was Cambridge Bicycle. Tons of snow here, very cold. My feet got cold yesterday, and were cold until about an hour ago.
Spent the last few days up in Maine and New Hampshire after flying into Boston on Friday. Got to hang with an old buddy, Weston, for a couple of nights before he moves to Dublin, Ireland next Saturday. Sampled some great beers, some 'Portsmouth coffee', did some demolition work, ripping down some 100+ year old horse hair plaster walls, and burned the wood behind it in the chimnea at Weston and Britta's house. Good times.
Traveling for me has its moments...today was mostly good, but trying to get a decent bite to eat out here on the fringe, well right now I'm eating a bag of chips and drinking a Life Water...

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