Friday, March 20, 2009


Sorry for blasting out of here earlier with no reason the other day...just pinned the last little while and things were getting heavy.
The creative juices have been flowing, the above images are the proof. Behold the fruition of dreams: The _3wrencho and Your Local Bar! A couple of things that were bouncing around the old brain, got to my lips, lips to pen, pen to vector, vector to models, models to, well products.
The Wrencho is in production and will be in shops world wide by the end of May. That is crazy, and we are pumped. I didn't do it alone...and that is what makes it even better. This collaboration is only beginning, and already it is amazing me all the time.
The bar is now being transported from half way across the globe, destined for use on the Battle Axe for beer/lunch/grocery runs...oh and for riding to the Yukon.


Chris said...

More than likely, I will take 1 of each!

Rat Trap Press said...

Too bad I don't have anything to mount that bar on but I'll be buying a 3wrencho.