Monday, March 30, 2009

Gettin' Jacked

Yesterday, Jen and I rode our bikes up the river to the Rose Garden to watch the local pro-lacrosse team, The Portland Lumberjax play the San Jose Stealth.
Before I got into bikes, I was really into lacrosse, playing and coaching club lacrosse at Michigan State. Made lots of good buddies, had lots of fun times chasing the ball around. I finally realized that I was too small to play college lacrosse, and started focusing on ridiing and racing mountain bikes.
I hadn't been to an pro indoor game in about 15 years. I used to go watch the now defunct Detroit Turbos of the old MILL play at Joe Louis Arena. Even got down on the turf there myself one time and played a game.
I miss it.
Anyways, got to see a few pretty good players yesterday Ryan Powell, Paul Rabil, Derek Malawsky, the list goes on.
The only thing that sucked was the $8 beer and the $5 hot dog...

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Anonymous said...

I miss going to the Turbos games and it's collection of guys yelling random things at the officials while wearing mesh coors lite jerseys.