Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Urban Riding

LJ McAllister Photo
I'd heard of this mountain biking area in Seattle that was located under a highway overpass. When Olson and I were driving around up there last weekend, we were half-heartedly looking for it, but never saw it. Saturday, Jen, Tanya and I were lost, trying to get back on the highway, when boom, we find Collonade. Pretty f-ing rad, I gotta tell you.
Then yesterday, we're meeting with Jay Graves from The Bike Gallery, and he tells us about a similar project that is in its infacny here in Portland, an area called Gateway Green. Then boom, hugh article about it this morning on Bike Portland. Now I'm even more stoked!
Speaking of stoke, sounds like a trip to Bend tomorrow to search for some dirt to ride, and to pick up a tricycle.
Yeah, that one from last week, I bought it for $50. A fool and his money I guess. Anyone got any really narrow pista bars?

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