Friday, February 13, 2009

Bicycles With Names

In the old days, I named every bicycle I had. Not sure why, or when I stopped. But here is a partial list of some of the contraptions I built or rode or owned at one point:

The Open Wound
The Brat Mobile (adult tricycle with a weber grill on the back)
Steady Pimpin
PBR Cruiser
Captain Tito
Seemed Like A Good Idea
The Lip Gloss

Currently, I've got 4 bikes. Somehow, they have all gone without names like bastard children. Damn, I've even owned one of them since spring 2000...and that bike has been all over the country with me...I sort of just refer to it as Freedom, as it is a rigid single speed that really doesn't require too much attention. I guess the bicycles used to speak more directly to my soul or something.
Well, dear reader if you can think of a bike that we/I had, chime in and let yo' voice be heard.

That being said, I just though of a name for my cruiser with the CETMA rack:

Slick Black Battle Axe


Lord Hayden said...

Haven't been much of a bike namer. One that sticks out, even though it was just the brand of the bike, was an POS 3-speed I got from Gabe and finally threw into the bushes in a drunken stumble one night:

The Mossberg

I figure any bike that has the same name as a shotgun best be left alone.

Chris Potter said...

The PBR Cruiser will live again!