Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mobile City

I wasn't able to find the site for the longest time, but today I got it to load. Kind of a forgotten site, I've never seen it really mentioned anywhere... This here is one of my favorites from Mobile City:

Machine Wilkins

You can ride your hangover out.
You can ride your problems into numb little stubs of
The problems they were and you can sleep
Later, if you want to
Because you are tired.
You can ride down flag-lined avenues where rays of light
Reflect off the high windows of buildings
Illuminating other worlds that we can see sometimes
If only for seconds
And you can ride through piss-smelling alleys
Whose ground is littered with the broken
Jewels of the past.
Sometimes, since this is a job,
It can feel like you are riding through the teeth
Of a rich man's dream.
The teeth of a rich man who sits in his helicopter
Making calls on his cell phone.
A rich man wearing sad elation's coat to the dinner
Which you delivered.
Yesterday can shake her hair and pace her one room
With a sky of clouds or rain
Wondering forever what is at stake?
This job though, this ride
Is less about delivering packages than about searching
For the Truth of the Moment.
And there it is, somewhere out there in the metropolis,
Waiting to be polluted and lied to,
Abused and sent home.
And what do you know, the Truth and the Moment
Keep changing, how do you like that?
They've created a mobile city
But we are here to keep it's promise.

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