Thursday, November 20, 2008


The above vid of Lane from CETMA I sniped from Urban Velo today. I've been keeping track of Lane's progress on the cargo bike for the last few months and I gotta say, that guy is in the right business.
Speaking of CETMA, Jeff down at Revolution set me up with the parts I needed to get a cruiser up and running again. This one is a Schwinn that was found abandoned in the neighbor's yard. About the only things original are the frame and the chain guard. I got the CETMA rack on the front, and have been working on getting my pizza rack on that. Lets just say, it works, but it needs work.
Among other things, I've been watching some videos over the past few days. Lately I've seen films Bella and the Kite Runner, bike porn Fast Friday and Seasons, and tonight I'm going to try to watch the Strummer documentary, "The Future Is Unwritten". It had been a while since I was down at 4 Star video in Madison, but went there this morning. Damn, that place really rules. So many movies I want to see. Might be about time to fire up the Flix again.
Rode the cruiser down to the post office, and it worked really well.
Speaking of riding, Jen and I went on the WNR last night, and damn, windy but fun. It had been a while since I did a night time lake loop. Got me thinking about Lazar spraying folks with a stolen fire extinguisher back in the day after leaving the Muskie Lounge...

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Lord Hayden said...

Fire extinguisher, me ramming and possibly breaking Lazar's bike, Q feeding me a tequila shot at the Main Depot, puking up a tequila shot at the Main Depot, ripping my pants, Dacko telling his wife "hey, I'm not a fucker" for being out drunk late. All I could manage to say to Luke and Jill when I got home was "don't even worry about it"