Sunday, August 05, 2007

ZR Cycles 27five

Here is a few shots of the new bike Zack built for me. We talked for months about doing something one day, and this is the final product.
The frame is lugged and brazed and has pretty standard angles. I'm especially impressed with ZR's brazing around the head tube/top tube/down tube joint, the seat clamp that is integrated with the top tube, and the heart he cut in the bb shell. HIs passion is evident. Vicious cycles did a sweet job with the paint as well.
I originally wanted to have him make a 29er, but the angles looked pretty crazy because I'm only 5'6, so we thought about other things. About 2 months ago, he suggested doing the 650b (27five) size, so I said why not. After talking with Kirk Pacenti, ZR scored some of the new Baby Bear tires that Pacenti is getting made by Panaracer. They showed up, and their girth and aggressive tread floored both of us! Zack built the rear end around those tires, thinking there is no way I'd put a wider tire on (they are 2.3 inches).
I wanted some flare on the build, for sure, so I asked for some custom options. I love the clean look of top tube cables when they are routed unter the tube, so I asked for that first off. I also wanted to give a not to the Bare Knuckle Brigade, my team, and make the ZR logo pop, so we decided to go with the old english lettering.
I needed the bike for next weekend's Ore 2 Shore 47 mile race next weekend, so I really lit a fire under ZR to get it done, and I think he did a spendid job! I saw that seat clamp on a Jonny Cycle frame last winter, and thought it was pretty sweet, and yes, in reality it is. Very clean. Thats a theme with the whole bike, clean and understated. Though I'm sure the white frame will not be that easy to keep clean.
The ride is equally sweet, but I'll probably cut the bars down a bit, they are so wide I had to wrestle them through some tight trees yesterday at Cam-Rock. The Brooks Swift saddle is great as well, which is a delightful surprise. And of course the XTR bits work flawlessly. (Sorry Ed)
Not sure the weight, probably around 24, but I really don't care. New all black wheels wheels featuring DT Swiss 240 hubs and Velocity Blunt rims coming soon.

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