Monday, August 06, 2007


I was just down in our basement darkroom/storage area looking for some fabric, and I came across some really old 'zines I had in a box. In the stack was issue #3 of Snowflake that I bought at Tower Records in East Lansing when it was still on Grand River Ave. From the sticker on the cover (still) it looks like it must've been from early 98. Seems like a long time ago. Snowflake was one of the first of many 'zines I collected over the years, and this issue is still one of my favorites.
I've always been drawn to magazines, especially 'zines due to their small size, irrevrent tones, subject matter and layout. I've always admired their DIY ethic. They inspired me to make a few of my own over the years, to live in van while interning for a magazine, and still freelance to this day.
Snowflake came out of Mammoth, California and was a gonzo sex n' ski 'zine. I wasn't really sure what I was reading when I first picked it up, but I liked it because of that, it wasn't like reading an issue of Outside, that is for sure.
There were a bunch of others in the box, including some of my old favorites: Infiltration, Leapfrog and Cars-R-Coffins. Good stuff. There are some newer ones in a different box, but I just haven't come across many I like in a while. I have been getting Lincoln Ve-Low and Urban Velo, but aside from those bike 'zines, its been a bit of a drought...

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