Thursday, August 23, 2007


Folks keep asking me, “what is this TRON messenger race I keep hearing about?”

First things first, TRON is not a messenger race. I’m not a messenger, never have been. They seem like nice folks. This is a race against a rouge computer program hell bent on ruling the world.
Second thing, watch the movie TRON. The race will be more fun, make more sense, and it will entertain you, I promise.
Third thing, don’t like the race, well win it then and you can do your own thing next year.
Fourth thing, get there a little early, pay attention to what Master Control tells, you and keep the ringer volume on your phone turned up.
I promise you it will be fun if you come, and we’ll talk about it over beers when we all get to the mainframe.

And maybe if we are lucky, this guy will show up:

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