Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Powell Farm

We don't claim to know too much about gardening, but we've done some stuff right this year. We picked lots of berries, and made some tasty treats with them. The lettuce did well, but it was a bit bitter for my liking. We just had some pesto pizza, so we know the basil did well. Above you can see how our tomato plants are doing. The top picture was taken last night, and the one below less than two months ago. Last night, Jenny had to lash one of the plants upright as it is getting so heavy it is threatening to take over the whole planter. On the four plants, she stopped counting at about 60 tomatoes! Incredible!

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Tonya, Yellow Line Design said...

And the mint, super tasty treats were made with the mint! can you say, "MO MOJITO?" Yes, please!!