Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Soma B-Side Testing

So the B-Side has been up and running for about a week. I've had the opportunity to get out on it at 3 different places for 3 different types of rides, and I have a few observations.
One, due to the Tange tubeset, the White Bros. fork, the 2.0 tires and XTR build kit, this bike is pretty light. It seems to climb pretty well as I've ground up some sustained climbs on it, but it does seem to wander a bit from side to side if you shift your weight too far back. I imagine this is due to the high front end.
I raced it on the Short Track here in PDX last night, and if I'd have had the engine, I certainly could have made it go faster. It felt great in the corners though.
The Pacenti 2.0 tires are pretty sweet, but certainly not the best mud tires, we encountered quite a bit of that this weekend up at Brown's Camp. Lots of slipper rocks and roots as well.
Testing continues.

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