Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Got back to the office today after being in the Midwest since last Wednesday. I was very nice to find the above package of goodness waiting for me from Stan Pun down at Soma. I struck a deal with Bike Mag to review the new Soma B-Side 650b mountain bike frame, White Bros Magic fork, Soma Odin bars and Pacenti Quasi Moto tires. Now I got tear down the ZR to build this one up with XTR, etc. Cannot wait to get out and ride.
Trip to wisco was tiring but good. Saw so many good friends who helped Jen and I get the house ready to sell.
The high point for me was having the Wed Nite Bike crew pick me up from the airport. ZR himself skidding to a stop on a tandem sans stoker, Kelly flipping me a new pair of White Ray Bans, and Jeff a Bern Helmet...dammit I miss you guys!
Stayed at Revolution till 3 am before stumbling back to Lyle and Kellys to sleep it off.
Two offers already on the house today, and I start working part time down at the Veloshop in about an hour.
It is good to be king.

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