Thursday, July 03, 2008

Those Clever Bastards

Great problems out in Portland for the folks at Clever Cycles. They've just about sold through their inventory and will have to be closed in August for a couple of weeks. That is great news! I hope to check this place out when I'm out there in a couple of weeks.
This is a spreading issue. Yuba is running out of their long tail bikes. Good luck getting a Surly Big Dummy, those are selling like hotcakes too.
It is pretty silly that it took people so long to realize the utility of bikes, but whatever, they feel it now.


Lord Hayden said...

Interesting read.

Man, I love blog comments. I was worried all of the comments were going to be congenial, but thankfully a helmet-mirror pissing match broke out eventually.

d*pow said...

that was a high point for me as well.