Saturday, July 05, 2008


A bunch of riding on these days off. Up around 50 miles yesterday, a lake loop in the afternoon, and then a freedom ride last night. Nils, Lyle, Djonn, EO and I ended up at a previously unknown water reservoir on the near west side to watch fireworks, throw a frisbee and drink a few beers. A bunch more off road miles today at Blue Mounds w/ Eo and Djonn. Rode most of trails, Holy Schist to start, finished w/ Overload. Totally blown by the end of the ride. Had a brew at the Grumpy Troll afterwards. It had been a while.
Still another day off tomorrow, and the plan is to ride out the H8R trail to pick and eat my weight in berries. We cooked our first chicken from our CSA share. Awesome, so tender!
Enjoy the weekend!

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a.sue said...

that tree in the background makes you look like a scary hippy.