Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dugast, RIP?

I heard a rumor yesterday that Dugast is no this industry scuttlebut, or the honest truth? I'm trying to contact Dugast to find out. The tires are considered the gold standard when it comes to 'cross rubber. The word came from a US Campy distributor who allegedly visited the factory in Belgium only to find it shuttered...don't touch that dial...when I know you'll know!
In the mean time, put in your toe spikes and lets get spun!


Anonymous said...

Belgium? I believe the old factory was in France but either way yes, it is no longer there. The Dugast 'factory' has up and moved to Holland. For a more detailed explanation see:


george said...

Dugast is doing very well, thank you. The reason the uninformed rep made this statement is most likly he visited the older factory site. Dugast has mover to larger facilities and is currently trying to keep pace with demand. World Class Cycles carries the complete line of Dugast tires, road, track, TT & cyclocross. Contact them for more info.