Friday, October 26, 2007

2007 Cross Mid Season Report

I'd have to say that this year is every bit as good as last year in every respect, if not better. As always, I'm impressed by the two wheeled prowess of the Brothers Lalonde, but this year Lyle Hanson (who last year was Cat 4 pack fodder) has been contesting for the Cat 3 top spot with a very strong Casey Masterson. Along with Lyle, my homeboy Ruckus, the Cat 4 Darkhorse, has proven that cigs can only make you tougher...and Jenny Sue has the fever as well, the fever to kick some ass.
Lots of Milwaukee racing coming up in the next two weekends, and I'm looking forward to hopping some barricades and tipping some long necks in the brew city.
Team Magnus and the BKB continue to keep the scene on lock down, but I gotta say Team Pegasus from Milwaukee is talking my language lateley.
Also, seeing some new faces out there like "Docksider" Frank Chemotti and Nils show up for several races has been pretty sweet.
Big ups to Robin Daveis, Djonn and Scott Shapiro who have shown me that gettin' old is just a state of mind! They regularly put the pain down on the youngsters!
Well, like Dio would say, RIDE THE TIGER!

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