Tuesday, September 04, 2007

24 Hour Party People

TRON is in the books! It was pretty sweet to have 50 racers show up and do the race that we'd worked so hard on...glad they came, but glad it's done too. There were no serious injuries, no one got arrested, and we probably broke even. So it's is all good. It had been a while since I was so involved with putting a race on...and I couldn't have done it without Lyle. Thank god he knows a lot about computers, cuz that made us seem totally legit.
The afterparty at the Mainframe was one of the best parties I'd been to in a while, especially when the glow sticks came out and the electronic music got turned up!
Mad thanks to all those nuts who showed up and rode. More mad thanks to jen, erik, jeff, charlie, zack, the sponsors and everyone else who helped make this thing happen. Finally that MCP is off our back!

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