Monday, September 27, 2010

RIP, Jure Robic

I heard some terrible news last night that has been with me all morning. Slovenian cyclist Jure Robic was hit by a car while on a training ride, and died of his injuries late last week. I didn't know Jure personally, but I've been familiar with him since the summer of 2006 when someone handed me this article from the New York Times about him. I was just about to leave on RAAM to crew a British team, and a friend thought I would enjoy the article. I did. Sadly, Jure dropped out of RAAM that year, but roared back to win the race 3 more times.
You don't hear about guys like him very often. Truly a tough son of a bitch, I wish I was 1/8 as tough as he was.
Tailwinds Jure, Rest In Peace.

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