Monday, June 07, 2010

This Post Proves I'm No Photographer

#1 South Dakota puts on it's game face, Day 2
#2 Chilling at a place called Bum Beach, Day 4
#3 Elsa at Bum Beach, wasted after pre work shred with guys from Lakeshore Bike, Quickstop and Sports Rack. Day 4
#4 THE Big Mac Day 6
#5 No trip to Kalamazoo is complete without a trip to Bells. Day 7
#6 Jen making cup cakes. Yeah, they were good, thanks for asking. She rules! Day 8
#7 Hot Knives Madison Wisco. I have no idea what day it is...
#8 Nebraska. Miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles. Oh, and Monkey Wrench Cycles. Day 11
#9 Elk Mountain, Wyoming. Day 12
#10 Choice Camping Spot, Walcot Lake, Idaho Day 12
#11 Eastern OR, wide open spaces. Day 13
#12 Elsa, happy to be home...

There you go. There were lots more photos, lots of great times. Sure was nice to see you all again!

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