Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Walking to the start line of the cross crusade last weekend I heard a man say to a lady friend of his who he was obviously a.) happy to see and b.) trying to impress

"Would you like to embrocate?"

I'm pretty sure he was serious and that 'embrocate' wasn't some code word for something else.

It struck me as funny because where I'm from you would get a beating for using such terminology. It would be much more accept-able to inquire:

"Would you like to hit this J with me?" or "Do you want to kill this beer with me?"

Just an observation.

1 comment:

reverend dick said...

We might just be from the same place then.

Please tell me you then stubbed out your roach on his face and bounced your empty sharp-edged can off his carbon fiber "race" bike...