Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Future Is Now

So, a few weeks back, four designers from Nike came by to visit us on an Inspiration Tour. We talked for a few hours on what motivates us, and our design process. We were invited out to Nike for a look at the inner workings of their design process, and a tour of their campus.
I've long harbored mixed feelings about Nike as a company, all that "evil empire" stuff. However, from a small brand owners standpoint, to see the other side of the universe as far as manufacturing/branding is concerned. I was very impressed with their facility, and the level of professionalism there. As part of our visit, we did some "shopping", and I picked up the pair of Lunar Glide running shoes pictured above. By far the lightest shoes I've ever owned. Apparently they are from the "nike plus line", so you can sync up the shoes with your Mac for various activities.
This will not be a shoe reveiew, however, I'm excited to try them out.

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