Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Stoke

Living in Wisconsin, I began to loose my stoke for mountain biking. I'm not going to lie. The last few years I rode less and less, and frankly was bored with the trails I did ride. I missed SoCal and the UP. I missed big climbs, ripping descents and views that go on for miles...
Since moving out to the NW, I've begun to find my groove again. Monday, Olson, VEE and I drove down to Hood River, across into Washington and rode at Sincline. Let me tell you mister, that did it for me. The views, the little ring grind up a 2000 foot climb, soaking in a bitter cold mountain creek, sharing it with a couple of old buddies.
It was good.
If you want to come for a visit, make sure to bring a fat tire bike, and we'll ride!
Thats me there in the pic, bringing the BKB close to Mt Hood.

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bandychick said...

Ok, we are thinking about a visit to Portland, but I am still on the skinny tires!!! Doing the road thing...marathons, ironmans, and...Minnesota Border to Border this year. Road for me. Are we still ok to come out?? ;)