Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Pickin' And Grinnin'

Still digging out from the last 10 days. Lots of travelling, lots of faces. This weekend was a real high water mark for 2008...after racing on Saturday we had the great pleasure of hosting some live music at the Powell Farm. We expected Brown Derby to honky tonk the hell out of our back yard, and they did. I've known John Kunert and Andrew Harrison for a long time. Funny story, the last time Harrison, Molly Cameron were all in the same place it was Feb. 2004 at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs for the USCF mechanics program. Damn, that goes back a piece.
Before the Derby boys got settled in, The Western Fifth opened the show (yeah, opened the show you read that right) and they were fantastic. Gentlemen, everyone of ya'll. Thanks again for stopping by. And speakin of stoppin by, you dear reader should click those links and listen to the wonderful music these boys make.

For the record, they play BOTH kinds of music:

Country and Western.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Back From The Brink

Kurt Jambretz photo

That folks is the mighty Ben Popper showing you how it's done at this years Cross Vegas race. I had the great pleasure to see BP race 3 times in the last 6 days. And, had the chance to catch up with him by our back yard bonfire on Saturday night.

The last two days involved much cross racin', super fannin, and head shakin' at the speed the PROs race a course I've ridden since 2004. But you know when Radio Freddy from BKW shows up, the race is legit.

We had a great house guest for the weekend, Molly Cameron who came all the way from Portland to mix it up, and left us with a bag of Stumptown Coffee. Any time you want to come and hang out with us, a bag of good coffee is always a great way to make an impression on Jen and I. Speaking of legit, having Molly's two Vanilla Speedvagens in my shop when I got home from Vegas Saturday was pretty rad! I was telling Shiroma about the experience, and the first thing he asked was did you take a picture?

Of course I did, I'm a bike dork. And those were two of the coolest bicycles I ever saw.

Interbike was a relentless parade of nonsense. I hate Las Vegas. But was VERY happy to bump into: Petar, J, Jesse, Stevil and Sky, Brad and Jeff, Hurl, Maurice/Karen/Lockwood/Karl, Jason, Morgan, Dain, Brent,& Erik.
Things I remmeber: Being set up across the asile from SE! Sketchy going missing. Sushi. Laura Domela's photos kicking ass! Lyle killing it on the Cross Vegas course and making me proud! Waiting in airports, eating as many Souther style chicken Sangwiches from Micky D's as I could get my hands on. Flying over the race venue on Saturday morning! Brown Derby kickin' ass, my wife almost kickin my ass (sorry jen), the Big Mig riding out to SP for the party!

Oh yeah, and my feet hurt. This cross season is going to kick ass.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Don't Be Mad LL

He can't really be mad 'bout this shit?


Hey everyone meet Chorizo!
Getting ready for Interbike, been hectic lately. My brain is fried. I'll try to update more soon. Also, cross season is upon us, and everyone and their brother is getting stoked.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Yeeaow! Its Monday

DLR always helps take the edge off Mondays. That and a six pack of Black Label.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Ah Friday, you've arrived like a bear on a horse to wisk me away to the weekend. Thank God!
This weekend is stop #2 in the Midwest Triple Crown of Mountain biking. Best of luck to Jesse in his bid for a repeat. And to Lyle and Cory. Do it real.

The cross season is fast approaching, Cross Vegas is 12 days away? Holy crap. Then Interbike, and finally we get down to business here in Wisconsin with the JP Cup in Sun Prairie on Sept 27th. Following the racing on Saturday, c'mon back to our place and fill your gullet with some cornbread and beers, and your ears with Brown Derby! We'll follow all that up with a bonfire, and then get up and do it all over again on Sunday...well maybe not the cornbread...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Guns n' Fuckin' Roses


A music industry insider leaked me a copy of the forthcoming GNR Chinese Democracy album. There was a big hubaloo about this just over a week ago. We're listening to it right now.

First impression, well lets just say it ain't "Night Train"...the guitar work is good, but not mind blowing. Axl's voice is just as good as ever. But sadly he is the only original member on the album. The last studio album was released when I was a sophomore in high school, 14 years ago...so much has changed. I mean, what was with Buckethead? Slash moved onto Velvet Revolver, not sure what ever became of Izzy Stradlin. Duff McKagan has cleaned up his life from what I've heard.

Well, I'll have to give it a couple of listens before leaning one way or another.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


Great article in the new Adbusters magazine about hipsters. The Dead End of Western Civilization. Spot on.

Friday, September 05, 2008

PK Ripper

Wanted one as a kid. Still do. For me, one of the only good things about Interbike is visiting the booths of Phil Wood, Profile, and SE Racing. Just to see how they've progressed. Oh and the other good part is seeing my freinds from all over the industry, most of whom I only get to see once a year...this year, I think we're going to shoot some machine guns too.

That should be pretty sweet.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Another English mag that doesn't suck...

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A New Haircut?

Sleeves? Not so much. Hair on the sides of my head? Nope. A care in the world? I wish.
That bike is nice to look at but it was a real treat (not) to ride...

A Toast To Summer

Let me give it to you.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Riding back to SP this spring along the railroad grade, I came across a number of 12 Guage shells that I pocketed. There has been one hanging on my tool board ever since, and this weekend I made some new bar end plugs, what do you think?

Labor Daze

Great holiday weekend. Lots of ridin with buddies, grillin, drinkin, tinkerin and general tom foolery.

Now I'm back at work.