Monday, September 29, 2008

Back From The Brink

Kurt Jambretz photo

That folks is the mighty Ben Popper showing you how it's done at this years Cross Vegas race. I had the great pleasure to see BP race 3 times in the last 6 days. And, had the chance to catch up with him by our back yard bonfire on Saturday night.

The last two days involved much cross racin', super fannin, and head shakin' at the speed the PROs race a course I've ridden since 2004. But you know when Radio Freddy from BKW shows up, the race is legit.

We had a great house guest for the weekend, Molly Cameron who came all the way from Portland to mix it up, and left us with a bag of Stumptown Coffee. Any time you want to come and hang out with us, a bag of good coffee is always a great way to make an impression on Jen and I. Speaking of legit, having Molly's two Vanilla Speedvagens in my shop when I got home from Vegas Saturday was pretty rad! I was telling Shiroma about the experience, and the first thing he asked was did you take a picture?

Of course I did, I'm a bike dork. And those were two of the coolest bicycles I ever saw.

Interbike was a relentless parade of nonsense. I hate Las Vegas. But was VERY happy to bump into: Petar, J, Jesse, Stevil and Sky, Brad and Jeff, Hurl, Maurice/Karen/Lockwood/Karl, Jason, Morgan, Dain, Brent,& Erik.
Things I remmeber: Being set up across the asile from SE! Sketchy going missing. Sushi. Laura Domela's photos kicking ass! Lyle killing it on the Cross Vegas course and making me proud! Waiting in airports, eating as many Souther style chicken Sangwiches from Micky D's as I could get my hands on. Flying over the race venue on Saturday morning! Brown Derby kickin' ass, my wife almost kickin my ass (sorry jen), the Big Mig riding out to SP for the party!

Oh yeah, and my feet hurt. This cross season is going to kick ass.